bill adcockKENTUCKY (1/22/20) — Author Faye Kanouse is selling a kid’s book, with pictures, that should have been for adults entitled: “If You Give a Pig the White House.” My, my; that’s attacking Pres. Trump. I know, I know; it’s freedom of the press. It's our First Amendment right. But, religion is also mentioned, and it’s mentioned first!  Faye’s using a picture book that’s not a kid’s book. It’s for adults. She’s using propaganda and half truths. Shameful.

Here’s more shame. The NEA is acting like they’re the final word for God’s non-existence.  Remember, the NEA speaks only for teachers who belong to that union. Shameful.  Americans believe there’s a God, and for the NEA to endorse abortion shows their disrespect for Christian kids. So, what is NEA educating?  It says: if you support Judeo-Christian ethics; your belief isn’t legitimate. The major press outlets and major digital media care nothing about Judeo-Christian morals and are pretenders.

And, the House Managers, prosecuting Trump, are pretenders. Why? wrote “Ted Kennedy” sent a secret letter to the Soviets in 1983, asking leaders of the Soviet Union to help the U.S. Democrats defeat Pres. Reagan in 1984.”

Google “Kennedy letter in 1983” … says it is truth. Sen. Kennedy sent a letter to Soviet Gen. Secretary Yuri Andropov to get help in the 1983 election. They’re pretenders, it was OK then; but not now.

TruthorFiction says, “Historian Paul Kengor tells us this was discovered in the KGB archives. Paul told how the memo was found in a 2008 interview. “Tim Sebastian of the London Times and BBC, found the Kennedy document and reported it in the Feb. 2, 1992, edition of the Times, in an article titled, “Teddy, the KGB and the top secret file.”

“But this electrifying revelation stopped there; it went no further. Never made it across the Atlantic. {My, my, I’m not surprised} Not a single American news organization, from what I can tell, picked up the story. Apparently, it just wasn’t interesting enough, nor newsworthy.

“Reports of the Ted Kennedy-KGB memo went viral after a group of Republican senators sent an open letter to leaders of Iran about ongoing nuclear negotiations. This sparked a debate about senators undermining presidents and brought new attention to the Kennedy memo.”

Sounds like what’s happening now. The Washington, D.C., Democratic party can’t see that they are doing the same thing in 2020 that they did in 1983. They’re oblivious of their own double-mindedness.

Speak the truth, news media. Speak the truth about politics and religion!

Bro. Bill Adcock
Contributing Columnist

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